The establishment of Safety and Drug Free programs can help employers save on workers’ compensation costs by receiving premium credits or other discounts available through their carriers.

WHY? Because impaired or improperly trained employees are a major threat to the safety of your business, your other employees, and the public. According to widely accepted studies, an impaired worker is up to three times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident. Employers can also face significant civil penalties for damages and injuries caused by impaired or improperly trained employees.

In addition, a Health and Wellness program can offer great benefits by reducing lost days from illness, improving company morale, increasing worker productivity, and decreasing turnover.

Many states have also passed laws that require a drug free program to bid on state projects or receive state grants. Putting Safety and Drug Free programs into place and training employees on proper safety techniques just makes good business sense. Use these convenient links to explore your options for Health, Safety, and Drug Free programs.

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IMPORTANT: Utilize these links only in accordance with our Terms of Use policies outlined herein. Some states have specific regulations regarding drug testing. It is important that you consult with an attorney before administering a “new” Drug Free Workplace Policy. This information is provided for reference purposes only.