Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits are a way for employers to offer a competitive benefit package at no cost to their bottom line. Coverage is offered voluntarily and participated in voluntarily, with as few as 3 participants per product. Cennairus offers a wide range of supplemental benefits at a cost your employees will like, including: Critical Illness, Accident Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental and Vision Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

One of the fastest-growing protection solutions in the industry today, Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum cash benefit to your employees of $5,000 to $100,000 when they are diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzhiemers Disease and more. Benefit can be used for medical bills or personal expenses, the choice is theirs.

Accident Insurance

Pays cash benefits to your employees when they sustain any injury. Designed to help them handle medical and out-of-pocket costs after an accident or injury, accident insurance can provide thousands of dollars to your employees when dealing with unexpected emergency treatment, hospital stays, medical exams, and other expenses.

Disability Insurance

Voluntary Disability Insurance allows your employees to protect up to 60% of their income when sidelined by an illness or injury. With waiting periods as little as 7 days, employees can reap the benefits of this policy for maternity, injury, or simply the flu. Most employees cannot go longer than 2 weeks without income. A disability policy can help.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance covers some of the costs associated with routine dental care. Coverage is provided by employers or purchased directly by individuals.

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance is a low-cost way to cover costs of routine checkups and assists with costs for corrective vision wear.