Specialty Insurance Solutions


Cyber Liability

Cyber liability covers the electronic data not considered to be a tangible asset in your business. The following policies can offer coverage for unauthorized use of, or access to, electronic data or software within your network or business. Business Interruption, Business Owners Policy, Cyber Extortion, Crisis Management, Criminal Rewards, D&O Management Liability, Data Breach, Identity Theft, Liability, Loss/Corruption of Data, Property, Social Media/Networking are all imperative to consider.

Who Needs It?

It is your company’s obligation to protect the data and financial information of its customers. Not only that but most valuable assets of a company are now involved in some sort of data connection or storage.

Employment Practices Liability

EPLI or Employment Practices Liability Insurance is coverage for the employer for liability suits steaming from wrongful termination claims, discrimination claims, sexual harassment claims, whistleblower claims, wage & hour claims, or other employment related claims like defamation of character, infliction of emotional distress.

Because these claims are not covered under a workers compensation or general liability policy without EPLI coverage there is a large gap in an employer’s coverage, unless EPLI is purchased

Who Needs It?

As soon as you start to hire employees, this insurance is needed.